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Jul 17, 2001
Walla Walla, WA
I am shooting a 26" 1:10 twist 300 Win Mag. I am finding that with the Nosler 200 Partition and the Sierra 220 Matchking that I am getting best accuracy with loads that are difficult to extract. Bolt lift does not seem overly difficult. Primer pockets are holding new primers just fine. No ejector blade marks are evident on the case. But I guess that the loads are too hot. I have tried RL25 and H1000. I have never tried Ramshot Magnum (used to be called BigBoy). Would this be a good alternative? Perhaps RL22 or H4831 would be good to try also but I figured slower powders would be better with these heavier bullets. Any thoughts? Thanks, Rufous.
I tried using Bigboy in my 300 Ultra with very good results using the 178 A-max's and did not have a chance to try it with 220's before selling the gun. Prior to that I was using RL25 with the 220's and while accuracy and velocity were good it did seem to be a very temperature dependent powder. Ramshot has very good tech support on the phone and I know the gentleman there (name escapes me) was doing extensive testing with it on 300's
It is a granular powder wheras the RL25 is a stick and can be difficult to meter. The only thing that I found to properly meter RL is the cheapest plastic thrower from Lee. My buddies Harrel did not like it (RL) at all. While I do not have experience with your cartridge I would give it a try.
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