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Jun 8, 2001
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I can't remember what the exact definition of a long-range hunt is but as far as I am concerned, anything over 500 yards should count.

Today I got my cherry popped with a 575 yd kill on a Mulie doe. The best thing was it was a first round kill in less than perfect weather conditions. It was cold and very windy.

Later in the day I connected a first round kill on another doe at 400 yards. At this point I was having a good time till the S%$#T hit the fan.

My hunting partner wounded a doe and we had to hump 800 yards down a ridge to catch her. This was probably the most diffcult shot I have ever attempted. I was bushed from the long run, I had only a wild *** guess as to the range and I had only 2 rounds left to hit a moving target before it escaped wounded. Talk about added pressure.

The first round was not perfect but it did the job to put her down so I could use my last round to finish her off.

All in all the day went well. I fulfilled my goals and broke through the 500 yard barrier convincingly.

The rifle is a bone stock Winchester Model 70 30-06 in a lightweight fibreglass stock.

Peter Cronhelm

PS I'll see what I can do about posting some pictures.

Fine job, you're hooked now I'll bet.

What bullet were you shooting and what scope?

How did the deer react to the first round you sent downrrange?
Hooked? You bet, just stick that needle in my arm and I will be fine.....

I am really glad that the first time went so well. It was a really gratifying experience. It is NOTHING like shooting long distances on a range.

I have been telling people that I am a shooter and NOT a hunter. As a shooter, this is the sort of hunting I could get used to.

The bullet was the .30 cal 168gr Nosler J4 Match.

Scope was a 10x Tasco SS. I used a drop-chart printout generated from the "Thing" which I had found to be very accurate for the load being used.

Peter Cronhelm

Deer #1: 575 Yards

Deer #2: 400 Yards. The background is typical of the land in this area. Lots of rolling hills and big country.

Another shot showing how big this area is. Virtually unlimited shooting space and there are too many deer.


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Your scope is mounted very very high, I would get some lower rings. Seems like it would be very difficult to get a good spotweld with a scope that high.

by the way great shooting!

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Gentlemen, let's keep in mind please that the BTHP match grade bullets are designed for paper targets. Some mfgs. like Sierra strongly discourage the use of match grade bullets for hunting.

Although I can appreciate your delight in making such a shot, the use of that bullet is not recommended for hunting, for obvious reasons I should think. Please consider using a Nosler Partition instead, or another appropriate hunting bullet.

A question;
Have you tried the Match King on game and are you a Longrange hunter as this forum is titled?

I can assure you, Match Kings work far better then many "so called" hunting bullets and that's many years of experiance talking.

If you haven't tried the Match king on game, please don't knock them on this forum.

Many of us here have proved what they do to game. I have never lost a game animal to date while using the MK and thats after many kills on game the size of deer and elk.

My Longrange friends and I will continue to use them as long as Sierra makes them.

Contact Rich Markholtz (A friend of mine in Ballistics) at Sierra. He knows what we have done for many years with the Match Kings and will enlighten you. Tell him I asked you to call concerning Match Kings.

Darryl Cassel

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The scope is mounted that high because Burris don't make their 30mm signature rings (weaver style) in anything lower. I have a cheek piece for that rifle but had removed it to shoot from the rest. I will be fixing this situation ASAP.

Peter Cronhelm
Just looked at the 400 yards doe picture, is that Denver in the background??

Next time I'm up that way I'll bring along a tree for ya.

Thanks, I'l let my buddy know, he just bought a tree stand.... I haven't got a clue what he expects to put it up on.

Looking at that picture, did anyone say "Long-Range Hunting?" We could maybe use artillery for the really long shots?

I had the chance at a shot at a herd of deer about a mile away, if I had any chance of connecting. Maybe Darryl C should take a trip up this way next fall?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that this was being done as a cull due to overpopulation and crop damage in that area.

The licence did not allow us to harvest any meat.

I saw over 50 deer that day and was told that herds of up to 200 have been known to inhabit the farm.

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