POLL - Best do all camo for all hunting

What is your preferred do-all camo pattern for all types of hunting in the US?

  • Mossy Oak

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  • ASAT

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  • Sitka

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  • First Lite

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  • Kuiu

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Realtree

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  • Predator

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  • Military Digital (MARPAT, etc?)

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  • Flannel and blue jeans

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The best this is scent free and don't move. Most animals sight is tuned in for movement.
"Hunters" have hunted stalked game for thousands of years with no camo.
If you are going to wear a camo try to may it as close as the environment that you are hunting in.
That's the "flannel and blue jeans" answer
Solids…I'm not wasting money on expensive camo to wear only wear it a few weeks a year. And I'm certainly not wearing Kuiu, Sitka, Multicam or any other camo patrern in town.
I’m with Fred and CST


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