play in press ram


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Aug 13, 2008
Just today, I discovered that when the ram is up on my press there is some radial play in it.

I would assume that this is not a good thing and that it needs repaired or replaced.

Is that the case?

BTW, it is an RCBS RCII.
When you say radial play, are you saying that towards the end of the upstroke it's rotating either left or right as in twisting?
No, what I mean is you can detect a slight amount of play when you press horizontally against the ram. (perpendicular to the centerline of the ram in any direction)
Don't worry about it.

If it has any effect at all, it will actually help in that any small case-to-die misalignment can correct itself. We can't force a case to enter a die straight but we can sure force a case to bend if the alignment isn't near perfect.
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