Red Neck

Nov 20, 2001
Austin TX United States of America
Len Backus

I was wondering if there is some way you could set up something were we could send in photos of our kills like a photo gallery I think it would be prety cool.
Sure, I have been doing it for a while. Procedure as follows:

1) Make your post without the picture.

2) Email me the photo. I will upload it onto my spot on
This gives us a URL to use.

3) I will edit your post, adding the picture.

The easier alternative for you more experienced guys is to post it to your own photo hosting site (there are a few good ones out there) and then insert that URL into your post using the "IMAGE" function you find in the listed UBB Codes on the page just below the edit box where you are typing your own post.
Here goes,
My sons first moose, fall 2000 2nd day of season.

News is, photopoint is out of bizz so you won't see the pic unless they open up again or I find another host site.

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You Pope & Young guys are all alike! You think it only takes a couple months for the envy to die down and then we'll like you again.
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