Picking a Long Range Stock

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    Oct 9, 2009
    I have a rem 700 L/A that I am about to start a build on. I have run chassis and Mcmillan A5s for a while now but I'm ready to lighten up and would like some opinions. It is going to be a rem 700 with badger 20moa base and APA bolt knob. It will have a 26" rem varmint contour 1/11.25 twist chambered in 300win mag. here is the questions. My gunsmith has on hand a manners t3. Stockys has Mcmillan HTG and Manners MCS-t in stock. I like the smaller forearms. I doubt I will have the opportunity to shoot past 1000yds and 90% of shooting will be 500ys or less. I am leaning toward the HTG. DBM or NO. Gunsmith says he can get factory floor plate or PTG canoe floor plate, or ptg DBM I have a handful of AI mags laying around. This rifle will have a nightforce F1 on it and will see some time in treestands as well as stalking and hunting everything from whitetail in KY to elk In New Mexico. I would like to hear your opinions