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SOLD/EXPIRED Pentax PF80ED for sale (X2)


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Jun 25, 2007
I have two brand new (A couple days old) Pentax PF80ED spotters with the XW20 (26x) eyepieces. I bought them to put them into a bracket for a set of bigeyes but the construction of these scopes will not allow it. I had to file the knurling off of one side of the eypiece lock ring while I was trying to get them to work. This does not affect the performance of these scopes it is just a cosmetic issue.

Brand new this setup would be $1200 a set.
$849 for the spotter
$359 for the eyepiece.

I'll sell them for 1000 a piece (spotter and eyepiece).

PM me if interested

JUDD was here working in the shop for 2 days trying to get these glasses to go together for a set of big eyes. Their main problem is the size of the eyepieces. They are so close to going together that JUDD tried filing the knurls off the eyepiece locking ring to get them a tiny bit closer. I'll see if we can get some photos up of them. This in no way effected anything to the scope or eyepiece and to be honest you probably wouldn't be able to tell with some black cover up. If it really bothered you too bad I'm sure you could get a replacement ring for just a few bucks. These are some great glass I really wish we could have gotten them together. Your getting a hell of a deal at $1000 each with eyepieces.





Gonna send em to ebay on Monday...any offers before then?...will sell the bodies seperate from eyepieces.

Will not sell eyepiece until scope body sells.

May also be open to trades
I might be in for a 20mm eyepiece if you do sell a body.

BTW, I have the angled version of this spotter and it's top of the line! You would be spending 2x the money for the same result.
Excellent optic.
Good luck with you sales.

Spotter bodies sent back to Pentax...will sell eyepieces seperate for 300 each..

Bodies go to ebay when they come back unless someone shows interest here.

PM me

I'm open to trades building a new gun in 7MM. Need suplies. Need a rangefinder and who knows what else just ask worst I'll say is no.
I didn't get around to sending these back yet...somebody take these off my hands they r taking up space and need funds for a build..

PM me offers or trades

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