Penetration saved me!

Discussion in 'PSE TAC 15/15i Crossbow Hunting Forum' started by Twanger, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. Twanger

    Twanger Well-Known Member

    Mar 1, 2012
    I recently shot a nice buck with the Tac15. See LRH Deer hunting.
    I shoot Rocket Steelhead XL 100gr mechanical broadheads.

    As you know, the Tac15 generates some serious KE, about 150 ft-lb, and this appears to have saved my bacon.

    Below is the picture of the shoulder blade from the deer - I butchered it last night.

    I messed up on range estimation (thinking the deer was at 40+ yards vs. 35 yards) and shot this deer about 3 inches high, and also a little too far forward.

    The arrow punched straight through the shoulder blade, exited the far side of the deer and stuck in the ground so hard that it was a bear to pull out.

    I was saved by the tremendous KE of this monster bow.

    Thanks PSE!

    This also says something about the durability of the Steelhead XL - all three broadhead blades made it through the shoulder blade of the deer.

    Thanks Rocket!