Painting my stock


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Apr 24, 2009
Pocatello, ID
I know that this will come as a surprise but I finally got my a savage Stevens 300 win mag. I am trying to save up my money so I can re barrel and buy a Joel Russo a5l stock or a mcmillan. So is there a easy and good way to paint my my stock tan or desert camo? I am new and I do not have much Experience. All opinions are welcome

Just do it!

Sand down all of the sharp edges and abnormalities of the cheap savage stocks, and coat it with a quality textured paint. You will regret waiting so long.


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Yep, just do it.

You can always sand it off and give it another go.

If you wish multicolor camo use some extra wide masking tape, the blue stuff, to mask an area after the base coat is applied.

Then mask an area of the stock and tear the tape to give rough edges to an opening in the tape. Paint it the second color. An so on......

If you don't go for jagged edges use an exacto type knife and cut the pattern you wish in the tape. If you are half way careful the tape may be cut with out cutting a groove in the stock.

Do all of this far away from people as the laughter and dumb questions may be a distraction.:)
Thank you so much fr the help. I am going to finish the stock this week. I will post pics. Hope it turns out like I want it. We will see

I know sorry I will up date it with a camera. I took it this morning with my phone. This is my first time painting my stock so we will see how she turns out. Three more coats and some camo design and we will be finished

If it doesn't come out the way you want, just tell everyone it's sealer.

It's worked for me several times. LOL

I am finished painting my stock!!!!!!!!!! I think that it looks great. Alittle rough on the edges but it was my first one


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