PA Deer hunting incident

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  1. jbs2014

    jbs2014 Well-Known Member

    Dec 31, 2015
    Apparently a few youths in PA decided to "abuse" a deer that they wounded in PA.

    Many claims are made about what the alleged perpetrators did to the deer. Besides them kicking the deer I can't find any video that supports the other allegations (ripping off the deer's antlers while it was still alive etc).

    If the allegations are proven true our enemies will most likely paint all of us hunters with the brush from this incident. Seems like there are also other anti-hunting policies being implemented in PA at this time that many hunters are not pleased with as well.

    Supposedly the video was on Facebook. I don't have facebook so I cant check the authenticity of the claims made by our rotten media.

    Here is one source regarding the incident

    Can members from PA provide any additional insight on this incident?

    Thank you for your time