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"Original" Bushmaster AR-15 Varminter A3 Upper 24"


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Jun 8, 2017
$550.00 or B/O For Sale is an Original Bushmaster upper from ME, the Bushmaster AR-15 Varminter A3 Flattop Upper Assembly features a 24" Fluted Extra Heavy Barrel in 5.56mm/.223 Rem. caliber with 11 degree competition crown; heavyweight 1" diameter under the hand guard; custom match hybrid chamber with a tighter SAAMI Spec head space from the shoulder of the chamber to the bolt face, and longer chamber throat or "Leade". This accommodates 5.56mm ammunition without developing higher pressures encountered when firing 5.56mm ammo in a .223 chamber with shorter "Leade" (both calibers can be used safely). Rifling is 1 in 9" twist for optimum performance with most lighter bullet weight varmint cartridges, and the barrel is fluted to increase cooling and reduce weight.

The Varminter Upper's shell ejection path is designed to drop all your brass in the same place as a convenience for the reloader. A vented forend with bipod/sling stud installed, free-floats the barrel from the barrel nut forward. This Upper is complete with Bolt, Bolt Carrier and Charging Handle. I am the original owner and I purchased it as a complete gun, I can send you the serial # to verify it is an original Bushmaster gun. I can tell you there are 40 rounds through this upper, and I shot cheap factory American Eagle black box/ Federal FMJ 55gr. and it kept them in a dime size group at 100yrds. The upper is literally like new, without any wear whatsoever on it. I am asking 550.00 b/o 000_0001.JPG 000_0002.JPG It would make a great coyote gun!! Call if you have any questions or would like to see it. I am including a set of QDM weaver rings with it.
719-466-7665 The complete rifle sells for $1100.00 and the uppers are about 700.00 they are limited runs with the new ones today. Mine is an original ME Bushmaster.
Yes it is an original ME gun. I have the lower if you want the serial #. I bought it new, and ran my .450 bushmaster off the lower. Only put 40 rnds through this. It is a awesome upper, I just don't shoot it. I have 9 other AR guns.

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