1. M

    Ar15 upper

    I've got an AR upper that's been sitting for a while not getting used. I've just got too many in the same caliber and after shuffling parts around and getting everything set up how I wanted i just haven't shot this one much. Flat top upper Faxon gunner 5.56, 18", 1:8 twist, 4150 barrel Yankee...
  2. S

    Meopta ZD 1-4x22 K-5.56 RD

    Looking to sell a like new without box never mounted Meopta ZD 1-4x22 30mm tube with illuminated K-5.56 reticle. Bought this for a AR I was going to build and never got around to building it. So I’m looking to sell this scope to fund a Gunwerks purchase. They’re going for around $1,199 but I’m...
  3. BigBuck74

    Original Bushmaster Varminter 20" HBAR

    I am selling my Bushmaster Varminter 20" HBAR fluted match. This is an original Bushmaster from Wyndam ME. (Unlike the Remmys from today). This are excellent match grade guns, and this one will shoot 10 shots in a dime at 100yrds. with ball ammo. The 2 stage match trigger breaks at 3lbs. I am...
  4. SilentPew

    High End AR uppers/parts

    Thinning out some of the items from the gun room. I may be interested in trade, but mostly looking for cash at this time. Prices are shipped and do not include optics. I'd really like to use the optics for other projects but am open to offers on them as package deals. -Black Rain 458 socom...
  5. M

    What is the documented truth on the .223 Wylde?

    So far, everyone who has an opinion on the .223 Wylde has intoned that it is a more accurate barrel chambering over the 5.56x45 or .223 Rem. However, once I ask where can I review any serious documentation to support this assertion of the .223 Wylde's superiority, then incredulous sputtering...
  6. BigBuck74

    Crimson Trace - Modular Vertical Foregrip Green MVF-515G

    Crimson Trace - Modular Vertical Foregrip Green MVF-515G SKU: MVF-515G This unit is bran new and comes with the green laser. It is bran new but I don't have the box. Crimson trace will give you lifetime battery replacement when you register the unit. It has not been registered, so that is...
  7. BigBuck74

    SOLD/EXPIRED Troy Alpha Carbine $575.00 Shipped!

    Up for sale is a Troy industries 16" Alpha with integral flip up front Troy sight. This rifle is like new and is smooth and extremely accurate. Has the troy squids on the hand guard that are removable, and it has magpul grip, Mission First tactical collapsible stock and is on a USM4 Lower by US...
  8. BigBuck74

    "Original" Bushmaster AR-15 Varminter A3 Upper 24"

    $550.00 or B/O For Sale is an Original Bushmaster upper from ME, the Bushmaster AR-15 Varminter A3 Flattop Upper Assembly features a 24" Fluted Extra Heavy Barrel in 5.56mm/.223 Rem. caliber with 11 degree competition crown; heavyweight 1" diameter under the hand guard; custom match hybrid...

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