1. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Daniel Defense BCG (2 for sale)

    Timestamp: Happy Tuesday, Looking to sell these 2 minty Daniel Defense BCG's. Each one has only 150 rds give or take. Great condition and they are lubed up for your pleasure. Looking for $165 shipped for each or $300 shipped for both. Hit me up with any questions or offers. Thanks for...
  2. AFmaryland

    SOLD/EXPIRED AR15 Custom 350 Legend with extras

    Custom AR15 350 Legend $1000 shipped to FFL or local pickup at FFL in Maryland Comes with: - 2x CMMG 350 Legend magazines filed / modified by gunsmith to eliminate any feed issues (common with 350 legend AR15) - Vortex Crossfire Gen 2 Red Dot optic Optional Ammo: 3 boxes of Hornady American...
  3. crypt_keeper


    Selling a new/unfired LANTAC Enhanced Nib coated full auto rated BCG. $200 shipped
  4. crypt_keeper


    Looking to sell a NIB JP Enterprise LMOS bcg with enhanced bolt. $280.00 shipped
  5. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED Complete Upper Spikes tactical Rec, BCM Barrel, Midwest Industries Rail

    Selling a complete upper for AR-15 5.56 cal. It has less than 100 rounds on it. Upper Reciever - Spikes Tactical M4 Flat Top Upper Barrel - BCM 16" Mid length Enhanced light weight fluted barrel 1:8 Twist Handguard - Midwest Industries G4 one piece free float handguard Muzzle Device - A2 Bird...
  6. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED NIB Geissele SSA-E Trigger

    Selling a NIB Geissele SSA-E trigger $180 TYD PayPal FF or I ask that you pay the fee.
  7. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED Modlites PLH-V2 & OKW

    Selling basically brand new Modlite 18650 Modlite OKW head and body with 18650 $200 This light casts a very tight and bright hotspot excellent for night hunting predators. Funds via Paypal and I will pay shipping. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  8. LVJ76

    AR15 45° Angle Picatinny Rail Mounts - 3 count

    For Sale Used: AR15 45° Angle Picatinny Rail Mounts for Open sights, Flashlight, Laser, etc. 3 count Used in great working condition $15.00 Shipped in CONUS
  9. LVJ76

    SOLD/EXPIRED AR15 Collapsible Stock 4 Positions with Spring

    For Sale New: AR15 Collapsible Stock, 4 Positions, with Spring New in box and plastic $35.00 Shipped in CONUS
  10. LVJ76

    Magpul RVG Rail Vertical Forend Grip AR-15 Polymer

    For Sale Like New: Magpul RVG Rail Vertical Forend Grip AR-15 Polymer $25.00 Shipped in CONUS
  11. LVJ76

    MAGPUL MOE Pistol Grip Polymer for AR15

    For Sale Like New: Magpul MOE Pistol Grip Polymer for AR15 $20.00 Shipped in CONUS
  12. LVJ76

    Magpul AR15 MOE Handguard

    Fos Sale: Like new Magpul AR15 MOE Handguard $25.00 Shipped in CONUS
  13. LVJ76

    SOLD/EXPIRED MAGPUL MS3 Single Point Sling for AR's

    For Sale: New out of the box Magpul MSE Single Point Sling. $40.00 Shipped in CONUS
  14. IHFarmer07


  15. T

    Hera Arms CQR Stock Blk.

    I got a Hera Arms CQR stock I wanna sell. Black, used and like new. I have installed it before but it's been in the gun case pretty much the whole time I've had it. I've got the box it came in as well, it is in good shape too, and the two extra stock spacers that are sold separately. 3 in total...
  16. Recoil Junkie

    SOLD/EXPIRED Magpul AR stocks

    All are are in excellent condition and working order. Prices are shipped. 1 Gen 1 PRS FDE - $150 SOLD 1 Gen 1 PRS OD Green - $150 1 ACS Mil-spec carbine OD Green - $50
  17. E

    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold Mark 6 1-6 with TMR reticle. FFP. Illuminated. Used but in good condition. $1500.

    SOLD Leupold Mark 6 1-6 with TMR reticle. FFP. Illuminated. Used but in good condition. One small nick at the front end of the scope housing (shown in photo) but other than that its pretty flawless. Glass is clean, no scratches. Retails for $2200. Selling for $1500. I have another Mark 6...
  18. E

    Leupold Mark 6 1-6 with cmr-w 7.62 reticle. Basically brand new. $1500.

    Leupold Mark 6 1-6 with cmr-w 7.62 reticle. Basically brand new. Glass is flawless. Got mounted one time on a rifle that ejected the first few cases up into the windage turret knob which chewed up the bottom (shown in photo). Talked to Leupold...... you could order a new scope cap for 40 bucks...
  19. Morndorff95

    Anyone have experience/luck reloading for ar10/15 accuracy by adjusting bullet jump?

    I just got into reloading and have an AR10 (308) and AR15 (5.56) and was wondering if anyone has had any luck in regards to accuracy by adjusting bullet jump, or if the magazine is enough of a limiting factor to where length of the bullet seating depth to the leads would make it not be worth it...
  20. P

    Fightlite SCR pistol 300blk

    Fightlite Raider SCR Pistol, 300blk $900 including shipping to your FFL. These are very hard to find right now. Only trades I would be interested in at this time are: Kowa 553/554 Fierce ct rival 300wm Christensen ridgeline ti 300wm POF Rogue 308 Lab radar setup Accurate bolt action 22lr...