Oregon Resident Tag Opportunities

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Sep 4, 2023
Can anyone elaborate on big game tag opportunities as an Oregon resident? Are you able to get mule deer tags every year? How often can you get Rocky mountain elk tags? Roosevelt elk tags every year? Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
Generally, mule deer and Rocky Mountain elk tags are on the eastside of the state and draw only. Archery is easier to draw than rifle. Better units take years to draw. For mule deer, its questionable if it's worth waiting years. The mule deer population isn't doing that great. Roosevelt are on the westside and not draw. The regulations are out and there's a good independent website on draw odds by unit for residents.
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Rifle ...you can potentially get a mule tag every year. However the units are going to have high tag numbers and not many Muleys. Same with RM Elk. There are spike hunts that you can get easily.

Archery you should be able to get a tag for either every year.

Most hunters I know save points for a particular unit for eastern oregon and alternate deer and elk. Average points probably 2-5. General Season Blacktail and Rosies for in fill.
There are three units that residents build points for RM Elk. Weneha, Mt Emily, and Walla Walla. They will take around 20-21 points to get (20-21 years).
I grew up in Oregon but live in WA now, I still go back most years to hunt with my Dad over by Burns. As an out of state resident I actually think my odds are better than residents (unit dependent of course). I usually get an Elk tag every other year and Deer tag every third year. My son is 12 and drew juvey Deer and Elk tags this year (first time putting in).

Two years ago I drew the Premium Elk tag, but hunted 17 days before I saw any elk. Killed a nice 6x6 that same day.
Oregon recently moved to a draw for the archery side of things. This has changed the dynamic quite a bit as it went from OTC archery on the east side to draw. The goal from ODFW was to spread folks out from some specific hotspot archery units. I can't say if it was successful or not. I draw an archery tag I like to draw typically on my second choice. If not, there is still OTC options. Mostly on the western 1/2 of the state. But still some on our side (east of the Cascades)