Ordered my 110 FCP HSP 338LM and Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP today!


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Apr 26, 2014
Olympia WA
I know this thread hasnt been touched in two years but Im considering this exact same set up and Id like to know now that you have had the set up a while.

Are you happy with the FCP 338L?
The Viper PST 6-24?

The pairing of the two?

After working out all the kinks...do ya still own it? what bases and rings did ya end up happy with?

The only other scope Im considering is the VX-3 in same mag. but leaning toward the PST.

and......I dont wanna get too personal :rolleyes: but any recipes you'd share either here or through PM for a heavier bullet...300...285... thats producing 900-1200?

Thanks in advance


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Dec 12, 2011
S.E. Michigan
Lets see, I still own mine, not one to buy and sell guns like some people change underwear.

I don't shoot it a lot but I does just fine when I do, actually shoots better than I can shoot. Mine shooits the best with 250 grain SMK's or SGK's, 40 off the lands (thats as long as will fit in the magazine GK's) with 96 grains of H1000 in Lapua brass. Primers don'r seem to make any difference, I started with Federals and now Winchesters (because Federals are non-existent or so it appears.

No issue with the EGW rail or the brake and no issue with the Warne rings or the Vortex. Nothing moves, holds zero just fine, rail has never given my a seonds worth of issue, but then the rail is 272 threadlocked to the top of the receiver, the rings are bar aligned and lapped.... All is well far as I'm concerned other than the cost of reloading a brass suposotory.:D

I FL resize mine with a John Whidden bushing die and set the pills with a front load RCBS competion seater and crimp the case moth with a Lee collet crimper. Far as I'm concerned (again my opinion), John Whidden makes fantastic die sets, a bit pricey but you get what you pay for plus John is a helluva guy.

IMO, strictly, a braked 338 don't recoil nearly as agressively as my light contour 308, in other words, it's a ***** rifle with a brake. so I wouldn't consider it a scope destroyer. Without the brake it's a shoulder breaker....

If I had it to do over, I would never buy one again but then it's here and paid for so it stays. Great conversation piece anyway. Sort of like my Henry 44 Magnum lever gun with it's Leupold scope. I wanted one and I bought one. Nice being an adult with liquid income.
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