Or Trade: Browning X-Bolt 223 Stalker w/ Leupold VX-3HD 2.5 - 8 x 36mm


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Apr 19, 2019
Fort Worth, Texas
2009 Browning X-Bolt 223 Stalker, low round count and new stock fresh from Browning. This was originally a Duratouch stock that went south. I mounted this new Leupold VX-3HD 2.5 - 8 x 36mm CDS-ZL with the Leupold Alumina Flip caps in a low DNZ mount. It also comes with two factory magazines and a new Browning soft case.

The bad, I originally thought this was an 8 twist, found out it doesn't like 70gr RDF Nosler ammo. I have researched it and Browning made the target models with an 8 twist but the hunting versions were 12 twist. I have it on the bench to clean so I haven't verified this yet.

I have $500 in the scope, $200 in the covers and I can't remember what I paid for the rifle.

I am going to offer the package at $1200 ftf $1250 shipped and insured.

Rifle, spare magazine, mount and new soft case $700 ftf or $750 shipped and insured.

If it won't fetch that, I will send it out to have it properly barreled.

I would trade for a Browning X-Bolt in 280 Ackley or 7mm-08.

*********Scope not available separately*********

E5485639-FED0-4BFF-A952-515E6FF64D76.jpeg 324C8A67-20A5-420A-80A3-6896A7F888D9.jpeg 2824B241-BF69-4076-8BF0-578FC6BFE518.jpeg
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