Browning X-Bolt Stalker 300 WM


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Jul 11, 2020
Southwest Virginia
This rifle is in great condition. I bought it used at a local gun store and learned that the gentleman who traded it in only did so to get the same rifle in the Hell’s Canyon version. He also did a nice bedding job on this one. I am only selling it because I was able to trade into the Christensen 7mm Mag that I really wanted to begin with.

Factory Hornady 165 grain Interlock ammo shoots really good in this rifle and it is the only thing I’ve tried. It was still MOA at 500 yards on steel and that is the longest group I’ve shot with it.

I’m asking $600 shipped for the rifle with the brake, thread protector and two piece bases.

I would sell it set up as pictured with the Vortex 4-24X50 Strike Eagle illuminated reticle scope in Vortex rings sitting on a nice 20 MOA Talley rail with the anti cant level for $900 shipped. It is zeroed and ready to hunt.

I might trade it for a nice scope with at least 15X magnification and an illuminated reticle.


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Do you have target pics?
I googled this, looks like it weighs 6.3 lbs naked, is that correct?
1:8 twist barrel?

sorry for all the questions. “I have a friend” that is looking to buy his first hunting rifle (doesn’t want to have to upgrade in a few years, doesn’t want to spend a paycheck either).
300 WM is probably too much recoil for him, but who knows.
Thank you for your interest! I'm sorry, I don't have any pictures of targets I shot with this rifle. It does shoot the Hornady 165 grain Interlocks well. I had three boxes of them available, so I didn't try anything else. I zeroed it, shot a 1 MOA group and then started shooting steel out to 600 yards (the max distance at our range) with it.

The barrel is 26" with a 1:10 twist.

It weighs right at 10 lbs with the 4-24 Strike Eagle, big tactical rings, and 20 MOA rail. I don't want to take it apart to get a weight on the bare rifle until after deer season ends on Saturday. I may decide to use it on a hunt. I would say it is about 7.75 lbs bare.

As far as the recoil goes, I guess everyone has their own level of tolerance. I'm about 155 lbs and I don't mind shooting it at all, even without the brake on.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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