One of my best groups at 100 yards!

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    Jan 31, 2010
    my neighbor ran across a sweet deal on a Sako 7mm rem mag and a 300 win mag savage 116 weather warrior! The sako came with an older model bushnell. He through a leupold on the savage and bore sighted it them both. We stepped out to the local range to squeeze off a few shots to get them on paper. The 300 was shooting about 1.5" groups. We are on the money and now will be doing load developments to shrink group sizes. Next was the 7mm rem mag. He fired the first 3 shots shots and adjusted and then i fired the next 3 and on my second shot i had shaken and got about a 1" group with 2 touching. I decided to re-adjust and fire again withing the shaking. All three shots hit bullseye and are all touching. This is my first time firing this rifle, and we had purchased the cheapest ammo we could find. This gun just plain shoots!! cant wait for load development and see what happens!

    the red ones were my neighbors first three with readjustments.
    the grey were my neighbors after readjustments with one major flyer (not sure what happened cause he is nomrally a great shot)
    the black ones were mine. The bottom was my first group. I readjusted and fired the next three into the bullseye!!