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Nov 20, 2020
I went 10.03 at 143 in the quarter mile foot shifting my Hayabusa, was so close to breaking into the nine’s. But I’m also a mechanic and couldn’t torture the clutch to do it lol.
I had Metzler tires rejetted the carbs and the Vance and Hines four into one header put on the bike and the ME1 rear tire was the racing compound without doing a burnout I still could not keep the front end down no matter what I tried we had a moroso motorsports Park 20 miles from home back then my best time was only 11.085. The bike could’ve done better. It was definitely the rider!
Dad always used to give me a hard time he said there was ignorance and stupid. Ignorance is not knowing and stupid was knowing and doing it anyway.

Not knowing is one of the main reasons I joined this forum. To learn more about reloading and long range shooting.
Me too I never thought I’d be talking about bikes or fishing and diving on a long range hunting forum !

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