Oklahoma Draw hunt for Elk


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Jun 22, 2020
Duncan Oklahoma
My son and I are one of the lucky few to draw either sex Elk tags for the Wichita Mountains WMA. Unlike many of my friends who have been putting in for 15-20 years, we drew out our first year. This years hunt is unique as it is a team draw (First year for this parlticular draw) and is walk in only with no staff support like the hunt that is usually offered. I have been looking at arial satellite images of the hunting zones as this hunt is to be only in the restricted access area. Does anyone have any particular advice on which zones are higher populated? I know the heard numbers are the highest they have ever been and it is reported the numbers are over 3,000 head. I was also told that only a very limited number of bull tags are drawn. And advice for a once in a lifetime draw would be appreciated.