SOLD/EXPIRED Oil based Ink Staining for tinting wood stocks

Sep 9, 2012
I have an abundance of oil based ink for tinting wood. It contains no clear finishes you would still need to finish your wood with a protection coat of finish over top of it.

If you wanted to tint the wood stock you have I have a number of colors available. This is not paint but an oil based ink that will soak in to the wood.

It’s to be used lightly and rubbed in to the wood creating a dramatic look.

I have a lot of colors available. And can mix a color if you can give me the pantone color number (you may have to Google a chart.) If I have the color its will run 10 dollars for an in stock color and 15 for one I have to mix. Plus shipping. I do take PayPal.

I have one example of black to show that you can get it dark by repeating the coating, but its best for tinting the wood. It creates a wonderful look to any wood stock and makes the differences in the grain pop.


Please note black is the hardest color to get solid and dark. This ink staining is better for highlighting colors but it can be used to flood (solid-ish) it the color.

If you look closely you can still see the grain in the wood, it’s not painted it’s been ink stained and cleared over with a satin clear protector.

What you would need to color your wood:
The ink stain
pair of rubber gloves (or more)
stripped stock clean of oils or grease
A way to hang the stock not in an area that needs finished (for drying)
Free time to let it dry.
Your own clear finish wood protector (some type of a clear coat)

If you want a super dark finish you may have to use a sprayer to apply the clear. Multiple layers may become active (un-dry) again if your clear coat dilutes them and may lighten when a clear coat is brushed on.

This will seep into the pores of the wood and once applied can't be undone with out stripping it.

You can message me or email me for more information
Sep 9, 2012
Video here: [ame=""]Ink-Stain for Wood Gun Stocks, Quick 3 Color Blended Camo Demo - YouTube[/ame]