Oct. hunt


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Mar 7, 2010
I had such good luck with the power dogg last month I thought I would keep going with it, and the results were great. Also worked on finding dogs under windy conditions. I filmed more by myself this month and as warned by the pros it will take practice, I could have shot 2 or 3 more dogs but tried to film and then couldn’t even get them on good video. Here are some photos
Before the hunt

after the storm the wind was nasty, I have been trying to learn how to call in coyotes in the wind, so what better time, set up high on the dunes turned on the power dogg and let it scream down wind, opened up my misting canister, and sure enough 4 min. in, here comes this dog full run, headed for the power dogg, I turn the caller off get set up at 100 yds, I bark he stops, and old painless drops another one, I think there is merit in using the misting canister, I have used it 2 trips now and I do see a difference, I think Shawley hit it right on the head with his research in Predators_West - coyote 101 .

again I set up wind of this basin turned on the caller opened up the misting canister and let it rip, 10 min. in this male sneaks into my kill zone and painless adds another to the list.


shot this one 20yds behind the house off a 30 foot sand dune