NXS or Razor LHT

I've got both scopes in the OP. The comments from @Quintus agree with my experience. The LHT resides on my Volquartsen 22 LR. I'm using the NF on my 6.8 SPC so I'm not using either for long range. I'm not anti-Vortex and consider my Razor HD AMG 6x24-50 scopes to be comparible to my NX8 scopes.
For what the OP describes, I would go with the NXS. The only thing I don't like about mine is the power throw works opposite of every other variable power scope I have ever had.
I have several of the LHT’s. They’ve been my favorite scope. If someone would make a sub 20oz scope, with a dot versus crosshairs, reticle with wind holds, in the 15x range, locking turret, capped windage and non-obnoxious illumination…I’d switch but today that doesn’t exist, to my knowledge.

NF is heavy and you rarely hear someone brag on their glass…but they are bulldozers and are great for those guys who tear up anvils.

The new Maven scope is of interest but evidently everyone is liking the RS sample of one testing and they are selling like hot cakes. I’ll eventually try one but until then, my LHT’s have worked fine.

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