NXS 5.5-22-56 velocity 1000 reticle


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Dec 13, 2016
brousing checking prices on scopes I was leaning toward and ran across this scope on sale for 1799 non illuminated. Good deal? How you guys like this reticle for hunting with a 6.5x284?
Just came across your post and thought I share my experience. I too was shopping around for a new 300RUM I got from EuroOptic and while I was there was looking thru alot of glass. I had a $2k budget for optic an mounts so the sale price really fit the bill. Plus the quality and reputation of Night Force is a no brainer. Some like what they like but it was nice to be able to look thru some high dollar glass and still be impressed by Night Force. Other than on thr heavy side no complaints. The reticle is really only usefull under specific criteria and really needs to have reloads match its needs. Take your time using their website calculator before picking a reticle type an to be most accurate probly best to use chronographed velocities an know bullet info. Elevation change plays hell on this but not nearly as bad as reviews ive read. You just need to know you max velocity and choose the reticle that plays well in the elevations you plan to hunt. I mainly hunt here in PA from 100 to 2000ft elevation so a 3050-3100fps 212g eldx is a perfect match for the "UHD' type. If i take it west and hunt 7000plus then ill load them 3025-3050fps. But knowing your drops and dialling in is always avialable. So you have speed on your side for closer shots with holds and dialing in capabilities for longer shots. Not sure why these arn't more popular. Just takes time getting comfy with it.
Sorry so long and probly late advice anyhow. Good luck.
I have a friend who has a 5.5-22x56 NXS with the v1000, I think he has the hv.5 version of the reticle. He has it on his 6.5-06 but it is not all that great. It would be better if NF just made a standard “Christmas tree” reticle marked off in MOA so you could make a notation of where your actual drops lined up with the marks. As it is, if your ballistics are not exactly what the reticle was made for you are out of luck.
I’ve never seen (or heard of) a NXS 5.5-22 that was non-illuminated. But I’m no expert on them either, I would be calling Nightforce and asking.
I have a few Nightforce NXS 5.5-22-56mm scopes with the NPR 1 ...All have lighted reticles... I to would rather dial exact then have to try and get a bullet at the speed need to use their setup perfectly. I started out using Thompsons Long Range 4-14 Leopold which uses mildots out to 1000 yards... This was a fast system to get off a shot but was not precision enough for my needs .
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