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May 3, 2001
Sask. Canada
With hunting season on us I would suggest that we try to get some body measurements of various big game animals that we kill to use for mil-dot range estimation. If you would remember to take along a small tape measure and a note book, there are a lot of guys who would like to get some good measurements (me in particular).

Here are some measurement locations that would be useful:
Animal on its side:
a. nose to tail - overall length
b. brisket to tail
c. backline to bottom of hoofs
d. belly line to bottom of hoofs
e. ear width, natural position
f. chest width
g. nose to back of head behind ears

If you can get ANY of these measurements we could add them to the list. These measurements are not difficult to do, only take a few minutes but they are surprisingly difficult to obtain anywhere (literature).

If you guys need info on how to mil-range game, I can provide it. I have been working on it for a couple of years and it works, is definitely worth knowing.
Hello Ian,

Well opening day of rifle is behind us and I have some measurements for you. You probably already have them for Sask. whitetail but since you asked:
Appoximate live weight 200lbs
Heavy antlered, 20 in. wide 3x4 nontypical(would have been 5x4 but two tines were broken off
) I guess somebody bigger is out there as proven by his broken tines, his blind eye, and the extra hole in his rump made by the victor of his last fight. Oh well maybe next year!

brisket to tail : 44 in.
heigth at shoulder : 40 in.
width of chest (front view) : 12 in.
depth of chest (broadside) : 18 in.
ground to bottom of chest : 22 in.
ear tip to ear tip, fully extended : 20 in.
natural approx : 18 in.
Thank you for the good information. For some stupid reason I consistently forget to take along a tapemeasure, have seen two kills this season and did not get measurements. Your note reminds me and I will pack a measure in my hunting pack as I still have three or four hunts to do.
The more of this info the better we can use our mildots.
Thanks again,
I am trying to do the same thing, i.e. use the mildots to estimate distances based on chest to rump measurements. If you have any of these measurement please let me know.
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