November's short range smoke pole

Niles Coyote

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Mar 24, 2008
land of the great lakes
This November found me in the deer blind 8 days, sun up till sun down waiting...

I don’t have any trail cams but what I do have is a very observant mother. She had been watching for me all year, hoping a worthy buck would develop, feeding off her garden and apple trees as well as the area corn and bean fields. She kept me informed that the only nice buck she had seen had a strange antler and would feed midday and into the evenings.

While I was hoping this would be a post about my daughter's first deer on her first hunting season, that was not to be. It seems one day of the cold was enough for her… We have very few large deer in the area that I hunt as most neighboring hunters will and do shoot anything that walks by, even first season deer. (Thanks DNR for the unlimited number of antlerless deer tags available) We had let 4 of those pass us bye. That evening we saw a good bodied spike at 60yards, she took aim but got buck fever, and the buck got away clean. If he survives he will be bigger next year. That was day one.

For the next five days all I was seeing were small doe and first season deer all while listening to scores of shots in the surrounding fields and woods. How I envy you who have wide open spaces with less pressure.

The evening of the sixth day I got my first look at the strange buck my mother had been watching. But as he feed in the unharvested corn field, legal shooting hours ended and I lost sight of him in the dim light.

The wait paid off the morning of the 8th day at 0920. I watched him come my way out of the corn field giving me time to get ready. One pass through shot, broad side through both lungs at 30 to 40 yards. He took a little 40 yard jog and expired, which is the longest I’ve had a deer run to date since switching from a hawken and round ball to a inline and sabot.

It looks like his main beam was broken off early while it was still developing.

Equipment; Encore Katahdin 209x50 using a 100 grain charge of 777 and a Hornady 240 XTP 44mag bullet at 1750-1800 FPS.


Great story and a nice buck. You did the right thing letting the young ones alone. Kind of reminds me of hunting upstate an average day all you'd hear is gunshots going off all day....lots of hunters per square mile. Thanks for the sharing and nice pic.
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