North American Moose Foundation Raffle For A Hunt 15 MAY

Discussion in 'Antelope Hunting' started by .30US, May 13, 2010.

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    Jul 24, 2009
    A friend is involved in this and passed it to me. Apparently, they haven't come close to selling their 300 tickets and the raffle is this Saturday. I figured y'all would be interested in the opportunity at a $60 hunt. I know nothing else about the hunt, so won't be able to answer any follow-on questions.

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    From their site (I'd recommend calling someone rather than emailing since there is only one business day left to buy tickets):

    Get your raffle tickets for a Wyoming Commissioner's Tag TODAY! Only 300 will be sold @ $60/ea The tag is good for either ELK, DEER, or ANTELOPE and is good for any hunting unit in Wyoming (except for 75 & 79 in Teton National Park) The drawing for this tag will be done May 15th at the Jackson Hole banquet.
    Email [email protected] for inquiries
    North American Moose Foundation