nikon does it again


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Feb 5, 2012
Bought a new pair of monarch atb 8x42s about 12 years ago. Three years ago i dropped them on cement and they wouldnt focus out past 300 yards anymore. Sent them to nikon and told them the damage was my fault. About 2 weeks later i got a new pair of the updated version of the same binocular free. earlier while doing some crop damage shooting my buddy dropped this set and broke the eye glass ajusment eye piece off. Boxed them up and sent them to nikon again telling them the truth and yesterday a brand new set of there again updated monarch 5s came in the mail. Cant say enough good things about there customer service dept.
Good to hear.... they did screw me on a mid price set once-- it got fluid around a seal and they wanted more than the things were worth to fix 'em so I had to pitch them. I don't remember the model # but I went Leopold for my current set.
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