Nightforce tapered 2 piece bases?


Mar 30, 2002
Irish hills, Michigan
I just received my bases for my Savage 110 and they are supposed to be tapered. How can you tell if they are? The rear base says "NF" and the front says "SAV L" and "FT". Is there a way I can measure them to verify taper? The rear is taller than the front which seems kinda backwards to me. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
house, you got the right items, fear not.

The base marked 'FT' is for the front.

And yes, the rear base MUST be taller for the forward taper necessary to make long range shots and/or maximize your scope's internal elevation adjustment.

When the scope is tilted forward, it means the muzzle is effectively pointed upwards, albeit slightly.

If you point your finger at the target, representing your scope line of sight, then the muzzle needs to be angled upward to lob the bullet onto the target.

Install the bases. Shoot the rifle. Be happy!
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