Nightforce base and rings weight ?

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    May 2, 2004
    need to know the weight of the Nightforce one piece steel base A112 Rem 700 LA 20 MOA
    and the Nightforce Ultra Light A118 .885" Low Height - 30mm - 4 screw rings

    I do have two 20 moa bases with 30mm low Ultra Lights and a 40 moa with 34mm rings but all mounted and sighted in on Rem 700 LA's and do not want to remove for weighing and redo !

    The 3 rifles have heavy 30" bbls and I was not concerned about scope mount weight,

    now I've convinced myself I NEED a light weight Mountain hunting rifle and was curious on how much the Nightforce 20 moa base and 30mm Ultra Light rings weigh,

    I know it's probably not enough to worry about but it will help me make a decision on a low power lower quality 13 oz or a higher quality/power 18 oz scope