Nightforce 2.5-10-32

Goodness, Really? never heard of Nightforce? Probably the very best scope out there before you jump to the $2000 US optics/Schmidt and bender class stuff.
As far as the 2.5x10-32mm NXS. I have one on my very accurate 300WM that Kevin Cram built me and have no problem hitting MOA size targets at 700 yards @ 10x. Also like the fact that it is light weight. Not sure what else you are asking for, your question was not very specific.
The 223 mostly paper punching, and some P-Dogging. The 243 coyotes maybe deer. I'm not a big fan of the 50mm objectives. I like the 42 -44mm objectives better, but that is just me. With the 32mm how is the clarity?
nightforce is badass. maybe just me but id kinda be scared about the 32mm objective. if it fits your ticket though you wont be disappointed in nf's quality
I just purchased one myself. I've been using NF since the mid 1990's.
(before the NXS models were available)

Thought it would be just the ticket on an AR-15 varmint/predator rifle.

Usually NF is problem free, but there are two issues w/ mine.
The reticle focus/eyepiece adjustment is not right, was initially very tight and hard to move. Suddenly got very very easy to move and when the daytime reticle is in focus, the illuminated one is not.

The windage dial isn't callibrated for the internal clicks, 5 "clicks" for every 4 marks.?? Supposed to be .25 Moa per click/mark.
Probably will be sending mine back to NF tomorrow for repair/replacement.
But like I said earlier, usually they are problem free. Very happy with my older one. the only drawback they have is the weight, the 2.5-10X32 should address that though.

Hopefully, NF isn't slacking on QC because they are getting more popular and "Bigger". Seems like that happens alot anymore, companies get big and product quality goes down. Alot of them don't even worry about it until they start seeing their customers go elsewhere.
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Gary, I looked through a Nightforce 2.5-10x32 a few weeks ago and boy was I impressed with the clarity. I am now trying to decide whether to go with the 32mm or 24mm model for my Model 7. I have a Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10 and I thought it was the clearest scope I ever looked through and the Nightforce puts it to shame! Tom
No problem with clarity on mine. Great scope. I have it on my 300WM and zeroed at 200yds the 2MOA verticle hashmarks are almost dead on for
holdovers out to 500yards. Anything after that I know I have a great turret setup for confidence in dialing my dope . No problems to 700yards so far . On elk size game, I believe this will work for me out to 800 if desired.
The 223 mostly paper punching, and some P-Dogging. The 243 coyotes maybe deer. I'm not a big fan of the 50mm objectives. I like the 42 -44mm objectives better, but that is just me. With the 32mm how is the clarity?


If you are more interested in a 42mm objective, I would recommend taking a look at the Clearidge Ultra XP5 2.5-12.5x42. They are a great scope and we have had many customers say they could not tell any differnece between the XP5 and the Nightforce NXS.

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Has any one had any hands on with this scope? I'm needing a scope for my 223 bolt gun, and my use it on my 243.

Gary, before you buy this scope you might want to check out the NF 8x32x56 NXS with the NPR2 reticle. This scope is designed for "extreme"(beyond 1000 yards) long distance and moving target applications. You can "range" target distance and it comes with "illuminated reticle on/off" for dusk or dawn apps. I have a 3 shot group on the cross hairs of a target at 400 yards that measures ".523" inch. There are eight witness signatures and one of them took first place(Roger Avery) at the April/May IBS tournament in Augusta Ga(2008) last year. This scope will give you everything including the PS/ATN 22 night vision capabilities out to 600 yards at night. These scopes are the "Quill" of all scopes. Need More? [email protected] I'll send you the pictures.
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