NF Mildot Vs. NP-R2. Was up?


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Aug 28, 2002
Can anyone tell me why so many people who frequent this list prefer the NP-R2 reticle over the mildot? I'm at odds here.
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OH yeah, and what about the NP1-RR? That looks like the catsass right there, but, uh, does anyone even own one???
My thought is that we are always talking MOA from the time we buy our scope (How much MOA do we have?) to the time we dial in our why not have a reticle in MOA.

What S1 did was simple yet brilliant...... It easier to use than mil dots and it looks a lot better!
SC, I think you would find the graduations MUCH easier and MORE helpfull in the field than the MD anyday. I'm sure you've studied both so if there is specific questions you have reguarding the R2 shoot away...

Resale value will be a non-issue, you'll keep this one!

The rangefinding ability is way more user friendly, faster by far and more accurate than the MD method. You can easily measure animals/parts in the field with it if you know the range too.
Measuring the distance of a sighter off your intended target is so **** simple too.
Now you know the moa to dial in to zero or just go to the target quickly with the same holdover/holdunder-windage amount!

What else?

Yes, I own a BR model in 12x42/56mm with an NP1-RR reticle. I used it last season in conventional LR highpower with good success out to 1,000. As with all Nighforce scopes I've seen it's clear, sharp, & tough.

The ranging reticle seems very user friendly to me, much more so than mildots which are a perishable skill unless practiced with regularity - which I don't anymore. It's fast & easy to use with the holdover marks: instead of counting inches & MOA, take the range, calculate the MOA over, hold on the correct MOA mark & shoot! I'm hoping to really wring it out in the next few months, but it works especially well at mid-ranges.

Thanks All.

S1. Did you develop this reticle? The MOA marks make sense, since that's what all of our cheat sheets use.

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