Newbie from Nebraska


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Mar 9, 2012
Hello to everyone. I am a retired teacher/coach living in SW Nebraska. I enjoy hunting and recently got in to shooting at paper with a friend (for fun). Love to try my luck shooting prairie dogs and coyotes. Dream of going after hogs and antelope when I can scrape together the funds. I have several t/c rifles in .243, 25.06, .204 and pistols in .204, .17 and 45/410. I keep a Howa 308 for the grandkids to borrow and use my favorite A-Bolt in 243 for deer. I have been reloading for about 5 years and really enjoy it. Currently saving my money for a .243 match rifle built on a Savage action for banging away at targets out to 500 yards. Couldn't leave without mentioning I am a huge Husker Fan:D. Good shooting!
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