Newbie from FL


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Feb 23, 2010
Stuart, FL
Just found this site, a few buddies and I are hoping to go on our first Elk hunt in La Grande , Oregon somtime this year gun) Love to fish, and really getting into hunting more and more........ Anyway drinks on me.....cheers.
Minam? Mt.Emily? Catherine Cr? or Starkey? Are you going DYI or guided(by who?) Best of luck either way. Its beautiful country, not overly steep, and holds some nice critters. Welcome to L/R/H by the way.gun)
Dont know all the specifics just yet. One of my buddies has a friend that has land and property out there, that he Elk hunts we are taking him fishing in FL and then he is gonna let us come up and hunt Elk .....gun)
Should be a FUN time no matter what happens....we are all about having FUN and going with the flow......I am thinking a 300 Win mag for the elks!!! gun) Just need to decide on a scope??
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