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Jan 12, 2013
St.Louis Area
Hey there, I am getting started a little later in life than most at long range shooting. I have hunted for years, using the typical missouri brushguns, and assorted shotguns, in my hunting endeavors. I have hunted mostly smaller game using smaller rounds, with some success. I have recenly shot several more powerful long range rifles, owned by one of my friends. I must admit, I think I may have gotten "The Long Range Shooting Bug!" With that said, I seem to be at the typical rookie first step dilema, of what would be the best starter gun and equipment for the buck, to get me started. I want to explore long range shooting, without going "ALL IN" and mortaging my house to get all outfitted, only to find out I am not very good. I am hoping i can get some feedback from some folks who wouldn't mind helping out a rookie.

Ron in Missouri


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Feb 3, 2007
Townsend, Montana.
Welcome aboard!

Here are my suggestions.

1: look for a used Sendero in 300 win mag for your starter rifle.

2: If you hand load, load some 215 Bergers with H-1000. If you have no access to hand loading look for some factory ammo with a large high BC bullet. Like a 190 SMK or bigger.

3: install a good rail base and rings like Nightforce and a scope with a target turret in 1/4 (.25) moa A zeiss conquest would be excellent at the lower end of the price range I would use.

4: Download the "shooter" app to your phone

5: buy a used Leica 1200 CRF or used 1600 CRF

6: Watch for a kestrel 2500 or 3500

7: install a Harris 9~13 swivel bipod.

This is what I call a minimum requirement for 1000 yard shooting / hunting. I know your area well and know what you will be hunting. This combo will work.

Later when you are ready to spend a little more $ have the trigger tuned or replace it with a Timney, install a JP precision brake and have the rifle bedded in the action and front lug area.

I have put together many of these for friends. This combo flat works. Although this is still not an inexpensive venture, all these products are quality and very marketable if you ever decide to bail out.

Hope this helps



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