New Swarovski SLC HD 42mm


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Dec 3, 2007
Old Bethpage NY
New Swarovski SLC HD 42mm
Crystal clear, ergonomic and robust: The new SLC 42 HD binoculars from SWAROVSKI OPTIK
Versatility and robustness are the outstanding characteristics of the popular SLC binoculars from SWAROVSKI OPTIK. SWAROVSKI OPTIK is building on the success of this product line by creating a new, robust, ergonomic SLC model with crystal clear HD optics and a new focusing mechanism.
SWAROVSKI OPTIK has enhanced its successful series of SLC binoculars by adding new, fluoride-containing HD lenses to both the 8x42 and 10x42 models. This special lens system reduces colour fringing and provides high-contrast images in true-to-life colour. The high-performance HD optics guarantee high-quality, crystal clear images with razor-sharp outlines, allowing users to spot the most intricate and fascinating details of the plant and animal world.
In addition to the HD optics, the SLC 42 HD models feature special optimised coatings such as SWARODUR, SWAROTOP and SWAROBRIGHT on lenses and prisms, which support the effect of the HD lenses and allow users to observe nature at its finest, even in low light conditions and twilight. In addition, the SWAROCLEAN coating on the eye piece and objective lenses creates a non-stick effect, making it much easier to clean off stubborn dirt such as water marks and tree resin.
From near to far in an instant with a new focusing mechanism
With its unique combination of hard and soft components, the new focusing wheel offers excellent grip and stability in any weather conditions. Thanks to its focusing mechanism, which is particularly smooth and free from backlash, the SLC 42 HD SWAROVISION can be operated accurately even when wearing gloves. Just a turn and a half takes you from infinity to a close range focus of less than two metres.
The new SLC 42 HD binoculars also have a range of vision correction options. The new focusing mechanism provides correction for impaired vision of at least 6 dpt, while the built-in dioptre adjustment of +/- 4 can compensate for different visual acuity in each eye.
The new SLC 42 HD also enables spectacle-wearers to enjoy an exceptional wide-angle field of view and benefit from the crystal clear images produced by these binoculars. The SLC 8x42 HD, for instance, gives a 136 metre field of view, providing the best overview in its class. The stable, removable twist-in eyecups are individually adjustable in three stages.
Lightweight magnesium housing and optimised ergonomics
The new, hard-wearing magnesium housing makes the new SLC 42 HD models lighter than their predecessors. This feature is particularly valuable during long periods of observation or on demanding expeditions. Despite the light weight of around just 800 grams, the magnesium housing makes the binoculars particularly robust without affecting their optical quality. Thanks to its slim, compact design and the high-grip rubber armouring with distinctive thumb rests, the binoculars are comfortable to use in any situation.
#58205 SLC HD 8x42 $1999.00
#58210 SLC HD 10x42 $2129.00

Field Bag – the versatile new functional bag
In addition to the new SLC 42 HD, SWAROVSKI OPTIK is to introduce its new Field Bag. This new functional bag has robust, water repellent outer material and a modern, classic design. A wide opening allows the user to remove the binoculars from the bag and replace them easily. The field bag contains a separate inner pocket for storing batteries, keys or lens cleaners securely. The new functional bag from SWAROVSKI OPTIK closes with a simple zip fastening, protecting the binoculars inside it from dust and dirt. The removable carrying strap allows the bag to be carried on the shoulder, on the hip or around the neck. Because it has its own carrying strap, the bag can also be used without the binoculars.


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