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Feb 16, 2010
Beebe, Ark.
I found your site by accident and thought I would say howdy. I am a GM and Saturn retiree. Been retired since 2000 and loving it. I was a master mechanic for both GM and Saturn. Put in 37 years combined with both. Now I collect guns. Mostly Remington 600, 600 mohawk, and 660's. Still looking for a 660 in 223. I know there are very, very few of them around but I can still hope. If one is found I probably can't afford it. I also attend gunshows when I can and doing some traveling. Heading to Fairfax, VA. in May to the NRA Museum. I am doing some shooting when I can, weather permitting at my brothers farm. The most I can shoot in about 200 yards. I still enjoy it.

My dad is a gm master mech. retired also, i still have about 35yrs to go.

I hope you learn and enjoy it as much as i do.
Where did your Dad work. I worked at the Chev. V-8 engine plant in Flint, Mi. I worked there for 30 years then transfered to Saturn in Springhill, Tenn. Worked there 7 years then retired and got married to my high school sweetheart of 50 years back. Moved back to Ark. where I was born and grew up. Glad to be back home.
My dad and I both live in Buffalo Oklahoma.

I work for a Drilling company out of Tulsa OK but we have divisions in Utah, Wyoming, Texas,

we have 141 rigs
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