New one for me


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Feb 19, 2020
Friend asked me to clean his muzzle loader for him. He had not shot it in a while. I got the breach plug out and couldn't see through the barrel. I ran his ramrod down and this is what came out. Asian lady beetles
Well..i wonder how those husk would ignite....maybe you discovered a new power could work for bi-den......
The barrel looks awful inside. There is pitting all inside the barrel. Its a tc bone collector. It used to be a nice muzzle loader. I think he shot it about 5 yrs ago and never cleaned it. He normally shoots it clean every year and its been awhile since he hunted last. He had a cva hawkin which he shot clean every year and eventually the nipple blew out and almost took his eye. Apparently, he didn't learn anything from that experience.
It seems a lot of people treat black powder the same as smokeless powder maybe they do not know it is so much more corrosive
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