New Nightforce NXS


Feb 3, 2004
Hi from the UK
I have just heard from someone over hear that Nightforce have bought out a new model NXS in 5.5-22x50 but using mil dot dialling.
My other scopes are S&B tacticals that use mil dialling so I am looking for an option to try with the same system. Anyone out there heard about them or better still got one.Does anyone know if I can import one from the States. Thanks
I believe there's a recent problem with MilDots and export. I tried searching for it on the net but there's far too much conflicting info to make a good decision.
At least to Canada the exporting of mildot equiped scopes has resumed. I was told it was a missinterpretation that started it all.
As Bruce Robinson's bumber sticker says "GOT MILDOTS?"
Ian, you have got to get in touch with Bruce and see if he will make those bumper stickers for resale. I have to have one.
Hi Lapmag, who told you about the NXS? yes Nightforce had a 5.5-22x50 with 1/10th (= 1cm@100m)Miliradian clicks and a 1/5th and 1 miliradian hash marked reticle, this scope was a one off and will be introduced this summer. It makes good sense to range in Mils and adjust for trajectory in mils. there is no need for mildots any more as they come from a time before lazer etched glass reticles, why the US military insist on ranging in mils and the converting to divisions of MOA for adjustment is beyond me. And this State dept ban on export of mildot equipt kit is pure ********, it just hruts the US export market, i can't buy a mildot scope from the US but i can from every other country in the world, I was at the IWA at the weekend and none of the US folks would let you look at anything mil spec unless you had a warrant card or a mil ID card, but all the other manufacturers from non US countries where showing kit to everyone..
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> Hi Lapmag, who told you about the NXS? yes Nightforce had a 5.5-22x50 with 1/10th (= 1cm@100m)Miliradian clicks and a 1/5th and 1 miliradian hash marked reticle, this scope was a one off and will be introduced this summer. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Will it have a front or rear focal plane reticle and what is the ballpark figure on the prise?
Thank you..
I'm living in Canada and bought a new NXS 5.5 x 22 x 56 Mil Dot scope last summer. I know of a few more that were imported since then as well. I took 6 weeks to get over the boarder however. Mine doesn't have the MilDot dialing but I sure wish it did. I do know that some dealers, like Leupold and Premier Reticles wouldn't send one over the boarder citing new restrictions by the State Dept. I actually phoned Night Force at the time and they knew nothing of the "ban" and advised me to go a Night Force dealer. There are several in Canada but none had the scope that I wanted so I wound up getting it from Lilja.After using it for a year now I have to say it was worth the money and the hassle.
I have to say that the PM II that I use are excellent. The dialling system is first rate 13 mils of elevation on one dial of the turret. You dont get lost even in the dark.The new Nightforce looks attractive though I would like to give something a go with more magnification but it would have to have mil dialling I dont think I could go back to moa now
Ah lapmag, a man who agrees with my ranging philosophy.. yep the S&B PMII's are great, ive a 3-12x50, and 1/10th mil (1cm@100m) clicks is the way to go. I was talking to Chris Thomas from Prem ret last weekend and he said that the State dept ban on mildot export was a misprint and was mostly bieng ignored as far as one of shipments was concerned by most companies.
The 5.5-22x50 NXS with milrad divisions will be available in August, but better get an order in now if you want one, and they aren't sure if to stick with 50mm Obj or go 56mm, i told em they should go 42mm, as no one needs a 56, makes stock cheek weld a pain and you give more of a target when you have a bigger scope, for most applications a 42mm would be just fine. I've been badgering S&B for 5 years now to produce a 4-16x42PMII, they have made a run or prototypes and they are currently on trail with the US marines i do believe.
If you are after a reasonably priced scope, look at the Zeis conquest 4-14x44 or 4-14x50.
the NXS has second focal plane (unless im muddles), anyway, the reticle is the same size for use in ranging at any magnification..
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