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    Nov 6, 2013
    Just joined before the holidays.
    Been hunting on and off since -94.
    Had a rest for 10 yrs and got back into hunting 4-5 yrs ago.
    During the last year i have developed an interest for long range shooting and hunting.
    Started to hand load some 6 month ago and of course this takes you further into the subjects of long range.
    I have a 30-06 with barrel change system and an extra 9,3x62 barrel.
    Been shooting 185 berger vld with the 30-06.
    Went on a long range introduction course in October last year which really turned on the interest.
    Hitting a 40 x 40 cm steel plate at 600 meters on the first attempt was a nice experience. Probably beginners luck, still a good feeling.

    So now I have decided to go down the route of 30 cal in 300WSM in a long action to enable me to load the long 215 and 230 Berger hybrids.
    This Rifle will also be with a barrale change system, so the second barrel will be 6,5x55 SE, very good for training, cheap terget ammo from Norma is available to enable good training and practice . Both barrels ar 26" and will be threaded for surpressor.
    System to be fitted in a Norweigean GRS stock.
    Therefore I am very interested in feedback and information regarding load for the 300WSM and facts regarding COL, in short , the more info the better it is.