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Oct 8, 2012
I have heard so many great things about this site and its members from my son (barnesuser28) that I figured I better get signed up.

I want to thank all the members that have answered his questions and have helped him become a better reloader and shooter, (and based on his number of posts, I know there has been alot of questions). It all paid off this weekend when he made a 486 yd shot on an antelope in Wyoming with ammo he loaded himself. He entered all the information into his ipod, dialed in the scope and had a one shot one kill. One proud moment for him and even more for me. I guess all those evenings rushing home from work to get to the range paid off. Hunting and shooting is his and his younger brother, Colin's, passion. I had quit hunting for a number of years while I started my business and when Riley was 6, he got me back into hunting and it has been great ever since. My boys and I spend our free time hunting or shooting and there is no better time spent than spending it with your kids doing what they enjoy. Thanks again to all the members who have helped Riley hone his skills.
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