New Indoor Cinema Shooting Range - Grapevine Texas

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    Feb 16, 2014
    Aimpoint Inc. has opened a new indoor cinema shooting range in Grapevine Texas (Sportsman Shooting Center).

    The facility is 9,500 sq ft. and it's purpose is to teach the shooter the theory behind the Aimpoint sight and the theory of taking accurate shots on running game. If the customer does not own an Aimpoint sight that is okay because they can take parts of this shooting theory and apply it to their current shooting theory.

    The facility consists of three areas of instruction/training.

    1. 100 yard underground sight in tunnel. (30 minutes)
    2. Interactive Laser Simulator (45 minutes)
    3. Cinema Range (45 minutes)

    The first step once a shooter arrives at our facility is to ensure that his/her rifle is sighted in at one hundred yards. The shooting system we use is the same as what the US Olympic uses. This system allows the shooter to not have to worry about chasing paper or using a spotting scope. The system uses a computer monitor screen to display the shots as well as the windage, elevation and the group size. We work with the shooter in the sight in tunnel for a total of 30 minutes.

    The second area of instructor comes from the interactive laser shooting simulator. The allows the shooter to actually see what their barrel is doing prior to and after the shot has been taken. We can also track their barrel speed as well as the speed of the target that they are shooting (Moose, Wild Hogs, Roe Deer, Whitetail).
    In this section of instruction was also teach the shooter the shooting theory behind the Aimpoint sight.

    The last phase of instruction is conducted in the cinema range. Our range is 30 yards long with a 12' x 30' movie screen. We have over 300 high definition videos of game animals from all over the world.
    We start a scenario which is projected onto the movie screen and the shooter takes a shot at the animal. Once the shot has been taken and the bullet penetrates the screen the scenario pauses and a red dot appears to show the shooter their shot placement then scenario then resumes.

    The total time for each shooting experience lasts for two hours. Customers can bring their own rifle (bolt action or carbines) and their ammo. We also have range rifles (Blaser) that the customer can use. We also sell ammunition, Norma Ammo.

    We have also created carbine experiences for the carbine hunter/shooter. This experience will allow the shooter to shot 120 rounds in the 45 minuted they spend in the cinema range.

    If anyone is interested in coming to our range and shooting for FREE please email me at: [email protected]