New guy saying hello



I've been looking over the board for a little while , to tell ya the truth I feel a little intimidated , theirs a bunch of talk about 1000+yd shooting.
I guess I'll ask my first question
I've got a Howa long action that is begging to be built on , I've been thinking about something like the 6-284 , 6.5-284 or along those lines , but would consider say a 7mm Mag if it would fit.
I must add that for me 600yds is long , but I would like to be able to take Mule deer at that range with what ever caliber I choose.
Thanks for any help

If you can get a stock you like for the Howa action it'd be good I'd guess. I'd opt for the 6.5x284 over the 6x284 for a 600 yard Mule Deer killer (I've never been a 7mm fan).
Howdy Baby Boy...

Well I wanted almost the same thing you did. But I wanted a 1K cal. I decided to have the 6.5/284 built.. should be here in a week or three.....

Great BC in the 142 gr MK's for w a y o u t there stuff......

I have never been a 7 mm fan as well....
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