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SOLD/EXPIRED New, full custom 7mm-08 Rem Lightweight hunting rifle for sale...


Official LRH Sponsor
Jun 12, 2004
Fort Shaw, Montana
Have a brand new full custom rifle for sale.

Short list of parts:

Borden Alpine receiver
20 moa rail base
Lilja SS, fluted barrel, 1-9, 4 groove
McMillan stock, OD green, Black and tan
Jewell trigger
Wyatts extended mag box
Flat black coating on all metal surfaces (coating by Straight Shot Gunsmithing)

Only shots fired are by me accuracy testing. I shot the rifle last week in extreme winds and did not get much accuracy testing done. I was shooting the 140 gr Accubond and the rifle did shoot pretty well, 1/2 to 3/4 moa even in 25 mph variable winds.

This morning I went out and set up in much better shooting conditions. At 740 yards I tested the 154 gr Hornady Interbond over 47.0 gr H-414 and lit with a CCI-200 primer. OAL of 2.910". SHot very well, right at 1/2 moa. Remember this is a brand new rifle, pre barrel break in, first loads I put through the rifle and its a light rifle, bare rifle weight is just shy of 7 lbs.

Anyway, here are some pics.


Scope, rings and bipod not included.


Took a few shots to get on target but then I shot three shots after letting the barrel cool for group size. CTC, these three shots landed in 3.3" at 740 yards. The impact points are pretty easy to see but just to clarify, one it at the base of the round, the other at the tip and the third just to the left of the body of the cartridge. Again, this is pre barrel break in and first load put in the rifle with the 154 gr Interbond bullet.


Had two test rounds left so targeted a rock at 765 yards. CTC, these two landed right at 3.5" apart.

Anyway, if anyone is interested please send me an e-mail at [email protected]

As always, this rifle is fully backed by me just as any custom ordered rifle would be.

Please only serious interest please. I will offer pricing information to those that e-mail. Again, this rifle is fully ready to ship, tested, proven with load data ready. Only needs barrel break in and your ready to go. First with payment and FFL in hand gets the rifle. Rifle will come in hard case as well when shipped.

Thanks for your time. THis would be a world class light weight packing rifle.
That is without a doubt one of the most handsome rifles I've ever laid eyes on. Wish I was in the market for a light hunter such as this.