New from the East Slope in Montana


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Sep 18, 2012
Central Montana
Hi folks, new kid from Montana here saying howdy!
I am a 19 year old cowboy and college student that loves to hunt and shoot, but i mostly shoot just so i can reload! Growing up on a ranch we have always had plenty of room to shoot as far as we wanted, as well as having to take some long shots on deer, antelope and elk, but especially coyotes. We have our own rifle and pistol range that can set up targets to 1200 yards. I have been shooting my long range setup since i bought it on my 16th birthday. I shoot a M700 7mm Rem mag stainless with a Leupold VX-lll B&C scope and i have tuned it up for accuracy, and shoot a pet load with the Berger 168 VLD and nothing else in it. My true passion however is Ruger big bores pushing cast bullets, there is nothing like nailing that 200 yard rifle plate with a 250 Keith! I also enjoy handgun hunting, having taken two bucks in two seasons so far.
I hope to fit in here and learn more!
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