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    Sep 16, 2013
    Just wanted to join this forum to learn more about shooting under 1000 yards. I have hunted big game since I was 15 and have never shot any big game animal over 100 yards. Typically because of the way I hunt in San Diego. My father has hunted here for a long time and many other states and he taught me a lot about hunting but was happy with grabbing a box of cheap ammo and goin hunting(which is fine). I'm actually quite proud of him because he just got a lifetime achievement award from the world taxidermy foundation. Enough about him thought.

    I am currently on my 10 day waiting period for a gun I had built. Ill put the specs. In a list

    Stiller predator left hand action
    McMillan scout stock
    Jewell trigger
    Broughton fluted 575 barrel
    6.5-20x50mm zeiss conquest scope
    Tally bases and rings
    Note sure what muzzle brake it has but Russ and Scott Weichel recommended it.

    The guys at stiller were great and Scott Weichel did all the work on my gun and was extremely customer oriented. He answered my calls and sent me pics and kept me updated on the gun. To be honest I will do business again with him whenever I can get the wife to let me pony up the money for another gun. I still like hunting with my 243 and marlin 30-30 with iron sights though but I'm sure ill put some good use on this gun

    Got some exciting news this week too that my wife(who is from Canada)'s uncle hunt like a mad man out of leith bridge Alberta and has a hunting cabin as well. He invited me up to hunt next year so I am extremely excited about that and need to start hitting the range.

    Well I hope to learn a lot here. Thanks in advance.