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May 31, 2018
Hello to all. My name is Rick James, 57 years old, from Augusta Georgia.
I used to shoot a fair amount but nothing serious--no competition shooting, just had fun shooting for groups with my father in law and my good buddy. Nothing long range either, we were able to shoot 200 yards at my hunting club and that's about as far as I have shot to date--but the idea of being able to shoot farther effectively is very interesting to me.
When i shot before I had a Rem Sendero 300 WM and a Rem 700 VS 220 Swift. My father in law passed away and my buddy moved away so I quit shooting.
In a moment of weakness I sold both those guns and didn't shoot for a long time.
I then got a Rem 700 RS in 280 and hunted with it. Now I have also acquired a Rem 700 in 308 that a guy built for long range shooting--trigger work scope new stock and bedding job along with a Rem 700 stainless 5R in 300 WM (I'd don't know what generation it is--don't know how to tell)
That's about it--looking forward to learning from y'all!
Thanks, Rick
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