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Never Used Savage 112 Magnum Target in 338 Lapua Mag - $900 w/ shipping


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Aug 2, 2017
Colorado Springs
This is the same "guts" that won the recent world record ELR match: https://www.longrangehunting.com/th...d-set-with-a-factory-savage-338-lapua.225457/

This is one of six firearms I won from an NRA sweepstakes and am selling it because I want to get a different rifle. It was shipped by the NRA to my FFL dealer and I picked this gun up on 29 June 2019. It is brand new, never fired, in original packaging, and was only opened to inspect the serial number, components and to take the picture.

You're welcome to run a trade by me, but as of today, I'm only interested in parts for a custom
300 PRC. I am willing to ship; On another site I'm making the buyer pay for shipping; I'll pay the shipping for a LRH member. I will only ship to an FFL ... period, no exceptions, so don't ask. I can take payment via western union or paypal. Check the internet; this is a good price for this gun, especially with no tax or shipping.

....And just because people like to ask what I already said ... no, it has never been used. It has hardly been outside of the box, and I only put the bolt in twice for a simple fit check. FYI: I believe Savage must test fire it. I say this because there was some signs of carbon around the breach.

(Note, PayPal purchases will add their fee on final price).


26" barrel - single-round capacity (better for hand-loading rounds) - With Savage out-of-the-box accuracy, you can hit a target at a mile!

- Precision, geometrically perfect heavy carbon steel barrel with muzzlebrake
- AccuTrigger is adjustable and allows light clean pull with no creep and prevents the firearm from discharging when jarred
- Zero-tolerance headspace fits round into headspace with no gap to increase accuracy
- Floating bolt head designed to adjust itself for a perfect fit and better accuracy
112 1.PNG
112 2.PNG
112 3.PNG
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