1. RHallenbeck

    SAKO TRG42 338LM in Desert Tan with NF scope and Ammo

    SAKO TRG 42 in 338 Lapua, Phosphate coated and Desert Tan. Has 3 ring SAKO mount and NightForce 5.5-22 MOAR with zero Stop. Rifle has Sako brake, Sako Bipod and 1 - 5 round Mag. Hard case (similar to Pelican) . Rifle has less than 100 rounds down it and absolutely no scuffs or scratches...
  2. Bghunter338

    338 Allen magnum

    After a long wait she's finally done. Can't wait to put put my hands on her lol.
  3. T

    338-06 A square vs 338-06 AI

    Howdy all, I have a rem 700 long action and a 1-10” twist 338 blank I’m planning on getting put together before this fall. Jus curious what some of your thoughts/ideas regarding which to go with… resizing A square from 30-06 brass just seems easier. Any benefits of the AI that would come into...
  4. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 338,6mm,and22cal bullets

    22cal hornady 75gr bthp match 50 bullets in box price=$10 22cal hornady 73gr eld match 80 bullets in box price=$18 6mm nosler 80gr ballistic tip varmint 64 bullets in box price=$35 6mm berger classic hunters 95gr 72 bullets in box price=$25 338cal hornady match 285gr bthp 35 bullets in box...
  5. specter29

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 338 SS Rifle and NightForce Scope Package

    For sale 338 Sherman Shortmag original rifle was a 300 winchester magnum built by Ryan Pierce Nick at StraightJacket Armory Rebarreled it with a Proof Barrel to a long throated 338 Sherman Shortmag 24" proof barrel 1:9.4 twist Peircision self timing brake Manners EH1 stock Stiller Predator...
  6. 284magnum

    WTB 338 RCM

    Does anyone have any 338 RCM ammo? Or know where to buy?
  7. JumpinLegs

    .308 or .338 Caliber Elk and Up Cartridge

    I'm trying to decide on a cartridge for elk-sized game and up for shots up to 800 yards. It must be at least .308 caliber. I have a .270 Win which will handle everything up to elk comfortably. This cartridge should also be enough gun for brown bear, though it will mainly be for a...
  8. TheBoctor

    Full Setup- APS LRSS 338 Allen Xpress w/ Schmidt Bender PMII, Spuhr, Brass, Dies

    Your chance town a fine piece of Kirby's Craftsmanship without the wait! I'm posting up a full 338 AX setup with SB scope w/ a Spuhr mount, 248 pieces of Petersen brass, and Dies. Ordered this sucker in August of '18 and took ~2 years to get it. Life's changed and I'm reluctantly putting it up...
  9. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 bullets - Berger 250gr Elite Hunter & Hybrid OTM Tactical

    I have a few 338 bullets that I don't need right now. All are 250gr Berger bullets. The first box is unopened 100ct Elite Hunters, and the next box is Hybrid OTM Tactical with 35ct left. I would like to sell as a single lot to avoid multiple shipping charges. Asking $115 shipped/insured. I can...
  10. T

    Hoover Bullet Tipping 338 Caliber Sleeve and B-7s Tipping Punch

    For sale is a Hoover Tipping Sleeve and Tipping punch. It's a Caliber Sleeve and Bullet Tipping Punch to be used in a Hoover Bullet Tipping die. The caliber sleeve is a .338 (CS338) and the tipping punch is the B-7s for a 300 gr. Sierra Match King. Both of these have seen very light use and...
  11. B

    Stacatto XC or C2 Duo

    Looking for a stacatto c2 duo in 9mm (not sure if they make this model in .40) Or the stacatto XC. I have a 338 Lapua magnum I’d be willing to trade as well. Have a ton of extras with the 338 (reloading dies, 4 or 5 lbs of powder, projectiles, brass, and factory ammo. also open to trade for AR...
  12. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED Gun room clean out - 223, 30 cal, 270 cal, 7mm, 338 bullets

    I am cleaning out my gun room and have quite a few partial boxes of bullets and a few new ones too. Prices listed below DO NOT include shipping. SHIPPING WILL BE MY ACTUAL COST, I will find the best deal for you. That way people can buy multiple things with one shipped price. I can take Venmo...
  13. C

    22 cal, 6mm, and 338 cal Cutting Edge Bullets - 60% of Retail Prices

    I'm helping to clear out a local estate sale and there's a variety of Cutting Edge bullets available for anyone interested. These things are usually pretty spendy, but I can get them shipped to you for less than you can get them elsewhere. Looking for 60% retail price + $9 for shipping. What I...
  14. J

    338 edge (by Shawn @ DE)

    I have a rem 700 338 barreled action 30 inch Hart barrel 1/10 twist all work done by Shawn at defensive edge , DE brake , Wyatt's extended magazine box ,DE bubble level and cosine indicator, nightforce 20 moa one piece scope mount , kick-ezz butt pad diamond triggertech trigger,sako extractor ...
  15. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED .338 Barnes 285 gr TAC-X - MAKE AN OFFER

    For sale is three new boxes of the Barnes 285 gr TAC-X bullets. $100 SHIPPED.
  16. Daegon

    285 eldm

    Throwing this one out again. Trying to get a load for 285 ELDMs out of a 338 RUM with n570 powder. I’m shooting 250 berger elite hunters right now over 97 grains n570 in adg brass but would like some more energy and speed at distance. The load would be shot out of a factory Remington 700 xcr...
  17. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 Lapua Mag ADG brass and Hornady match dies

    Selling the reloading components that I had purchased for a 338 Lapua Mag build that will not be coming together after all. All components are new and unopened. 338 Lapua Hornady Match Grade Dies $70 50pcs 338 Lapua ADG brass - $110 TYD
  18. R

    .338 win mag nosler cases

    I have 140 mostly new the rest have been fired 1x. Ready to be reloaded. $45 for a box of 50 and $40 for the bag of 45. Any offer will be looked at.Plus shipping. Open to trades too.
  19. Doozy

    Priced to sell: Savage Target Magnum 112 in .338 Lapua Mag., Never used

    I had a lot of interest, but no sales, so I dropped the price $50. It's now $850, free shipping. Check online...this is lower. Even before you factor in that there's no tax or shipping. This rifle is extremely accurate. It has the same "guts" that won the recent world record ELR match...
  20. Doozy

    Never Used Savage 112 Magnum Target in 338 Lapua Mag - $900 w/ shipping

    This is the same "guts" that won the recent world record ELR match: https://www.longrangehunting.com/th...d-set-with-a-factory-savage-338-lapua.225457/ This is one of six firearms I won from an NRA sweepstakes and am selling it because I want to get a different rifle. It was shipped by the NRA...