Never Spoil your Bird Dog!

Love Brittany's! Easiest dogs to train. I grew up with lemon and liver pointers. I don't think God ever made a more stubborn dog. A friend gave me a Brit nearly forty years ago and I never looked back. I have owned and trained a half dozen since, a German short haired and a couple of Weimaraner. My son owns a Weimar I trained now. The only way to have a good bird dog is to spoil them. Use to have one that would go to the truck and load up if you missed more than three or four birds in a row! 😂 Said he wasn't hunting for free. 😂 My Grand father used to feed him the heads. Ole Joe was definitely spoiled.
I love the Weimy
Here’s a ferocious beast that my youngest daughter insists on covering with a blanket about every night, pretty sure the dog likes her better than me at this point…


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